Privacy policy

-How to collect information

We will collect some information from users such as: full name, age, address, job... This information is collected for the purpose of creating a safe cyberspace, avoiding bad guys. and anonymous accounts with malicious intent. In addition, when the website has any changes, we may send information to you. We will keep your information private and not share it with 3rd parties

-IP address

We may have some links to other websites, such as Amazon


Cookies is a great feature to analyze your buying habits, preferences... From there, we will make the most suitable shopping suggestions for you. However, you can completely turn off this feature if you don't want to


You may see some links to other websites. However, we guarantee these are safe links and will not harm your account. You can skip it if you're not interested

-Advertisement Partners

There will be a few ads of our partners displayed on the website. Our partners may also use cookies. Our website has no control over and uses cookies. Ads can be skipped if you are not interested

-Amazon Associate Program

Members of Amazon's Amazon Services LLC Associates Program can earn money by connecting to Amazon affiliates. This software presently includes our website.

-The information's use

We collect information for certain objectives

  + analyze consumer preferences and consumption trends

  + provide prompt customer assistance and increased security

-Children Under The Age of 13

We do not recommend that minors under the age of 13 use the website without the supervision of their parents. Customers under the age of 13 will have their information kept totally secure, and their personal information will not be sold.

-Privacy Policies Changes

The privacy policies will be updated multiple times in order to improve the features and produce the finest customer support service possible. You should check our website frequently for updates.